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Since 2012, PPI and the Pacific Printing Industries Educational Trust have hosted an annual scholarship program - the student poster contest. High school and college students in the PPI region are invited to design the promotional poster for awards and compete for cash scholarships. There are two categories: high school and college, each receiving scholarship awards.

2018 Results:

High School Winners

1st Place High School 2nd Place High School 3rd Place High School

First Place in the High School category goes to Ben Falealili of Robert Service High School in Anchorage, Alaska. Our Second Place winner is Lauren Huntington from Sunset High School in Portland, Oregon, and Third Place goes to Tori Burnside from Beaverton High School in Beaverton, Oregon.

Congratulations to Ben, Lauren and Tori!

College Winners

1st Place College 2nd Place College 3rd Place College

The First Place Winner is Rebekah Davis of North Idaho College. Second Place winner Lucas Hansen, and Third Place Nicholas Player-Hoog are also from North Idaho College.

Congratulations to Rebekah, Lucas and Nicholas!

In its seventh year, the poster contest encourages creativity, skill development, and an understanding of the world of print. The Educational Trust and ExploreVizComm, its career education program, help students explore careers in visual communications, including graphic design, web design, packaging, and printing. Right out of high school or after college, the printing industry welcomes innovative and creative minds to one of the world’s largest manufacturing industries.

Scholarships for each catagory include:
First place: $500 cash scholarship
Second place: $250 cash scholarship
Third place: $100 cash scholarship