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Performance Ratios

The Performance Ratios is an online tool that compares your company’s financial and operational performance to hundreds of printing and related graphic arts firms. They have long been a compilation of accurate financial information from hundreds of printing and related graphic arts firms. They allow companies to gain access to financial and productivity benchmarks that can help your company become more efficient, productive, confident, focused, and profitable.

The Ratios include a report on operations, profitability, and sales factors, cost drivers and expenses, balance sheet statistics, funding ratios, leverage ratios, liquidity and activity ratios, value-added analysis, basic payroll data, employee profiles, inventory turnover, and billing cycles.

In today’s competitive environment, it’s highly important for businesses to have real data concerning the health of the business. The Performance Ratios KPI’s will help you understand if your company is on the right track for success—and if it’s not, where to focus your attention

The Ratios allow you to take a close look at these areas and answer key questions:
   –    Are my expenses too high in relation to sales?
   –    Is there too little or too much inventory in stock?
   –    Can we meet our debts as they mature?
   –    Should we increase our selling prices?
   –    How can we increase our profits?

You can begin filling out the easy-to-use online forms and software.

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