At Pacific Printing Industries Association (PPI), our top priority is to find and develop the next generation of skilled laborer in the printing trade. We will be hiring summer interns for Portland-area print shops. This internship is a great opportunity for graduating high school seniors who are looking for a career right out of college or for college-age students who are interested in working in print. Individuals who successfully complete our internship will gain tangible skills in working at a print shop, workable knowledge of how the printing process functions, and have the potential to be hired on as a permanent full-time employee.

We are looking for applicants who have a strong work-ethic, able to do hands-on work and learn quickly. Students interested in a long-term career in the printing industry (design, manufacturing, customer service, etc.) are strongly encouraged to apply.

Summer Internship Application Form

Please upload an up-to-date resume in PDF form. Be sure to write 4-5 sentences explaining your interest in this internship. We will contact you to confirm the information entered here and ask a few followup questions.

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